Attention to every detail

The wine cellar is the beating heart of Tenuta Il Grappolo. The grapes are quality-selected and picked by hand, then brought into the cellar. The must is given a temperature-controlled fermentation in special steel fermenters, then the wine macerates on the skins for 15-20 days, with gentle punchdowns. Our Brunello then matures over two years in medium and small Slavonian and French oak casks, after which it is bottled and given a further year’s ageing in our cellars.  The result is a wine that tells our story. A decisive wine, one that meets the challenge of time.


Refined, complex, and full-bodied, Sassocheto is our iconic Brunello, a wine of great character.  Hand-picked grapes are from select vintages, but all from our south-facing Piano Nero vineyard, planted at 300 metres’ elevation in deep, pebble-rich soils.  This extraordinary vineyard yields an equally-exceptional Brunello, firm-bodied and complex, yet at the same time lively and easy-dinking.  The bouquet is utterly seductive, and the finish amazingly lengthy. The wine ferments in temperature-controlled open vats and is given a lengthy maceration; it then matures at least 30 months in French and Slavonian oak barrels and a further 6 months in the bottle. Fruit of a passion for our earth and of long winemaking expertise, this is a wine that displaces great class. Made by hand and with all our heart.


Decisive and intense, full-bodied and with a long-lingering finish, our Brunello DOCG is made exclusively from hand-picked Sangiovese grapes. A wine that never fails to excite the wine-lover, it appears a dark ruby tending to garnet, with an immediately-appealing bouquet and palate; well-balanced, warm, and silk-smooth, it finishes very long and aromatic, leaving a pleasurable sensation in the mouth. After a careful , temperature-controlled fermentation, it matures at least 24 months in medium-size oak barrels and is then given at least 4 months’ bottle-ageing to guarantee its absolute pleasure and complexity. Time is a bosom friend to the wine, and cellaring will bring out its finest qualities.


Elegant, aristocratic, and with great breed, Brunello Riserva 2009 DOCG is a dry, well-balanced and beautifully proportioned wine, with near-endless length. Made exclusively from Sangiovese, hand-picked from grapes selected in vineyards in the Sant’Angelo in Colle area, a south-facing zone with ideal growing conditions, this is a wine that impresses both nose and palate. Appearing a garnet-flecked ruby, it is full, warm, and seductive in the mouth, with a rich, lingering bouquet. Following a painstaking, controlled-temperature fermentation, it matures at least 30 months in medium-size oak barrels,  then receives an additional 8 moths’ bottle -ageing  to ensure its pleasurableness and complexity.  This wine displays excellent cellarability, and its qualities, with time, will delight all the senses.


Fresh, well-balanced, and vibrant, with its brilliant ruby appearance, at one year from the harvest this 100% Sangiovese wine displays the crisp fruitiness of a young wine, yet without losing that intensity and fragrance that are the hallmarks of  Montalcino.  This elegant wine’s versatility is at its best when paired with full-flavoured, hearty dishes. Even the most demanding wine-lover will appreciate its sapidity and lengthy finish.  Its harmony on the nose and cleanness on the palate are the fruit of a fairly-brief, low-temperature fermentation, which preserves to the fullest the aromas of the grapes and the fermentation fragrances.  Our Rosso exhibits both decisiveness and fine grip.