From yesterday to now the company grows with us

We infuse to our wine the passionate commitment that connect us to our local area. In our striving for better quality, we combine tradition and innovation, because we take pride in doing everything well, just as those before us did, but in a new way. We make wine that can communicate not only our history and identity of growing area celebrated through the world, but genuine, sincere spirit of its people as well.

We lavish attention on our vineyards and on our grapes, respecting the earth and its rhythms.

Balance and genuineness are what drive our inspiration, and those values are obvious in our wines as well, thanks to the expertise of our cellar workers.


In the heart of Tuscany the cradle of Brunello

The Tenuta Il Grappolo comprises some 25 hectares south of Montalcino, in the heart of Tuscany, 90 km from Florence 30 km from Siena, in an area dense with Mediterranean scrub lying between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Val d’Orcia. Here our vineyards are planted to Sangiovese–known locally as Brunello–, some 16 hectares of vines lying at 300 metres’ elevation on the southwest slope. The vines enjoy optimal exposure, a temperate climate influenced by the nearby sea, with hot, dry summers and consistent breezes, and Tuscan pebble-rich, schistose soils composed of decomposed rocks of galestro, alberese, and sandstone. These conditions ensure a gradual, complete ripening of the clusters and give our wines their rich flavours and elegance, heightened by ageing in oak.


A great legacy to be preserved

The roots of Tenuta Il Grappolo go deep into the past millennium. The vineyards that produce our Brunello grow on a broad terrace, worked by the ancient Etruscans, that faces south towards Monte Amiata and west towards the valleys of the Maremma. Just a few hundred metres away was an Etruscan road that served as the main link between Cortona in the Apennines and the coastal city of Roselle, today’s Grosseto. Roman settlements rose on the hill that dominates the estate, and in the Middle Ages the fields probably belonged to estates dating back to the 12th century. Subsequent political and economic events brought the area under the control of the Republic of Siena, including Sant’Angelo in Colle, with its long tradition of winegrowing.


We carefully select people to whom entrust the success of our company

Our team is made by people who have expertise, experience and passion.

Who love wine and the wonderfull territory from which it borns just like us.

We work together for many tears and every day we take care of our winery with the same enthusiasm as ever.